Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Favorites

1. Funniest Thing That Happened
 - Misha! She has started speaking in much longer sentences, and the things that come out of her mouth are hilarious! She is always saying "take a look" and is such an actress! She loves to kiss herself in the mirror and laugh at her own jokes :)

2. Book(s) you read-SO MANY! After last month I was ashamed of my lack of reading. So, I signed up for a Good Reads account and ended up reading 11 books!

  • Gone Girl by Gllian Flynn
    • I did NOT like it that much. SO many people raved about it, but it left me feeling blah.
  • The whole Harper Connelly series by Charlaine Harris (4 books total)
    • They started off GREAT! I loved the first two, but then they started getting repetitive and incestuous, Lol. 
  • The first half of the Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris
    • I am in love with these books! I am only halfway through the series, but since we're moving in two weeks I haven't checked out more books because I will slack on my packing.
  • The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman
    • A GREAT book! A very quick, but colorful and beautiful read. I recommend it for sure :)

3. Shows/Movies you liked- Orphan Black, Pretty Little Liars and Jeopardy have been on my TV a lot since I've been home this week (no books to distract me). I've had episodes piling up on the DVR and I'm finally watching them so we can return our cable box. 

4. Something you accomplished/made you proud-I weaned Michelle! We officially stopped nursing 100% and she's done wonderfully. She even sleeps through the night 75% of the time, which is amazing. 

5. Foods you tried/loved- Samosas at the Treasure Island Flea Market, ice cream at this awesome shop in Ashland OR, and more fried olives from Bistro Don Giovanni (my MIL brought me some for my bday). I also made a killer blackberry cobbler from scratch today, so that was cool!

6. Song/Album you listened to most
- Lots of Mumford (like always), along with Sam Smith, Avicii, and Calvin Harris. I would love some recommendations

7. Youtuber/Blogger you enjoyed the most-Same as last month! I haven't really ventured out to seek more. Anna Saccone and The Saccone-Joly's are still my fav :)


  1. The Saccone-Joly's
    1. Anna Saccone (she also blogs!)
    8. Health/Beauty product you used a lot- Sunscreen! We've been hitting up the lake a lot more, and I am LOVING it!
     9. Favorite item you bought/received - My new Canon Rebel T3! Woot!

    10. Something you learned -That life isn't fair nor easy. July has been hard emotionally, which has also lead to me gaining a lot of weight. Boo, that's the negative stuff I've learned. But positively, I learned that CASSIE is having a baby girl too! So many girls! <3

    11. Goals for next month- Get the Y house cleaned and packed! I want every penny back from that deposit, and I want this move to be as easy as possible :)

    12. Something you're looking forward to-Moving home permanently! I can't wait! 

    13. Favorite Picture(s) from the month!

    - SO many because of my new camera :) But here's a few from my phone.

    Wednesday, July 30, 2014

    Pinterest Party

    My friend Cassie is so clever. She decided to throw a pinterest party on the Saturday after our birthday (we both share a birthday) and it was so fun! I didn't get as many pictures of the crafts as I'd have liked, but I was busy photographing our cute kids!
    She has the great idea of putting on Frozen so we could craft without too much distraction. It was fun!
    After they watched a film, they even joined in on the fun by painting on their own canvases :)
    Cassie made some delicious pizza and we vegged while gabbing and crafting. Perfect!

    It was such a hit that Nikki and I are itching to throw pinterest parties of our own! I'd like to do one in November to make Xmas stuff :)
    SO fun!!

    Treasure Island Flea Market

    On the Sunday after my birthday, I went to the Treasure Island Flea Market with Michael and my sister Nikki. We had fun looking through old stuff, eating delicious food, and soaking up the seaside air. Is it seaside in a bay? Bay air? Hmm

    I LOVED this whole trunk of frames. 

    Have I mentioned I have a thing for teal furniture? I wish this toddler chair was just a little cheaper. It would be in my house if it was ;-)

    Made in Haiti and SO beautiful! 

    My beautiful sister looking at some beautiful art. She's always down to explore and have fun :)

    We had the BEST food at the Flea Market, and honestly, I'd go back just to grub on all that deliciousness <3
    SO many food trucks!

    Fruit, mmmm

    Samosas! Ahh yes!

    Michael's chicken tikka masala burrito. Smelled SO good.

    She loved this creamy milky mango drink from the Indian food truck. Can't remember what it was called, but I wish I did!

    Baby bird, eating all the food.

    Kisses from Auntie Nikki!

    Kisses from Daddy!

    I was so tempted to buy this vintage bassinet. I am regretting not buying it now!

    Petting this HUGE dog! Pictures don't do it justice, this guy was MASSIVE!

    Kissing her new bracelet. Hahaha, think she likes it?!
     The Flea Market also had a little petting zoo! Mish loved the goats, bunnies, and pig. She was a little nervous about the chickens and ducks. I don't blame her! Lol

    View from Treasure Island. Oh San Francisco, you're so beautiful

    But she's the prettiest of all <3

    Tuesday, July 29, 2014

    Quick update and new camera!

    Today has been a hot and busy day! I made a veggie pot pie, two platters of enchiladas, Mexican rice, and a blackberry cobbler. It was 100+ degrees outside today, and baking all day didn't help with the heat, but I'm excited to have a few days of dinner already cooked :)

    For my birthday Michael bought me the nicest Canon DSLR and I have been going picture crazy! Speaking of my birthday, Michael took the day off and took Michelle and me up to Oregon where we played in Ashland at Lithia Park, shopped in Medford, and got ice cream. We got dinner in Yreka, and ended the night with cake at home. He is so sweet.

    Of course I have to post some of the pictures I've taken with my camera ;-) Here they are below.