Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Favorites

June has flown by in a blur! Seriously, it has flown by so quickly and I had no clue July here! 

So, I came across this list on a vlog channel that I like to watch weekly, and she did this June Favorites video. I thought to myself "Hey! This would make a good thing to try on my blog", so here's my first installment. I'm liking the questions that she answered, but I might switch some up over the coming months as I fill them out and see how relevant some are to my life. 

I'm two days early, but I think I'll be too busy the next few days to write out a proper post. 

Well, here we go!

1. Funniest Thing That Happened
 - A few weeks ago Michelle woke up and immediately farted. I said "whoa boofa!" and she said "haha baby-boofa-butt!" and started laughing. Bahaha! Also, she's been adding "ia" to the end of everything so she sounds very Italian. Sounds like "Momia, Dadia, Auntia,". Which always has us laughing :)

2. Book(s) you read
-Seriously? None! I have been such a failure these past few months when it comes to reading. I've usually got a huge reading list and a book to cozy up with, but lately I've been so consumed with projects and plans with family that I haven't read anything. Boo. I would love suggestions for good reads though!

3. Shows/Movies you liked
-Ok this one is easy (lol, no time to read but there's always time for tv!). At the beginning of the month I was just finishing up a Dexter binge watch, but couldn't get myself to start the next season. I really liked Jula Stiles character, so I was bummed that she left. So, I caught up on the new season of Orphan Black (SO GOOD!), watched Modern Family reruns, and then stumbled upon Law & Order SVU. There are so many seasons - and there's no real "end" to each season, so it's easy to just continue watching the next episode. The only downside is that the content is dark (nothing too graphic, but the whole show is about some kind of sexual assault - including kids and elderly- so obviously it can be hard to watch).

4. Something you accomplished/made you proud
-After months of planning and prepping, I was so proud of the birthday party we threw for Michelle. It was fun, cute, and very successful. Mish had a blast and loved singing the Happy Birthday song with all of her friends and family <3

5. Foods you tried/loved
 I didn't really try anything new, but we did eat at a new restaurant in Yreka that was freaking delicious! They make the best veggie burgers and everyone there was very friendly.  We also had some really good Brazilian food in Berkeley last weekend that was so good. I just got a salad, but it was so spicy and flavorful! We ended our meal with Dole Whips, which I've never had (I guess I have tried something new! Duh!) and it was SO good!

We also had AMAZING fried olives at Bistro Don Giovanni in Napa for our 10th anniversary. Yum. So much yum.

6. Song/Album you listened to most
- If we're talking in general, Mumford and Sons will top my list every month. I have their two cds in my car and they are always on. But other than my guys, I've been playing "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith and "All of Me" by John Legend a lot! Those songs just get me right in the heart, man. So good!

7. Youtuber/Blogger you enjoyed the most
-That would have to be Anna Saccone and The Saccone-Joly's. I follow a lot of really good vloggers and bloggers, but I love that family. They'd probably top my list every month too, so I'll just jot down my favorites in general (since this is my first monthly favorites blog).

  1. Runs For Cookies
  2. Refashionista
  3. Love Taza
  4. Merricks Art
  5. Anna Saccone (she also blogs!)
8. Health/Beauty product you used a lot
- Hahaha. Ok, so I fail at putting on makeup and doing my hair daily. I guess the thing I used the most would have to be my Sonicare toothbrush. It's pricey, but so worth it! Brushing with a regular brush is great and all, but this thing makes your teeth feel like their going to the spa everyday. Whiiirrrr

 9. Favorite item you bought
-Uh oh. I spent too much money this month and we definitely felt it towards the end. My very favorite? Definitely our new panini press! I have been eating paninis and toasties like crazy, so it only made sense to buy one to save money. I also went crazy at the Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale. New bras and undies! I'm also really in love with the new rug I bought for our family room. It's so plush and pretty :)

10. Something you learned 
-That my friend Wendy is having another GIRL! Such wonderful news! She already has one of each (Liam and Cambria), so adding another girl into the home sounds like heaven to me! Then again, I'm biased. ;-)
11. Goals for next month
- Get out more and/or go camping!! I mean, yes, to get out more is my top goal, but I've been dying to camp! 

12. Something you're looking forward to
- 4th of July, my friend's Pinterest party, my 28th birthday, and (hopefully) camping!

Whew! That was a long one! Did you stick around until the end? Is anyone even reading this? Lol

Actually, I'm adding my own last question! 

13. Favorite Picture(s) from the month!
Because I got the cutest pictures yesterday, I'm going to toss them in. They make me smile <3

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Ten years ago Michael and I were talking on the phone, both of us trying to muster up the courage to make our relationship "official". We had gone on a date the week before, but on the 28th, we decided that we wanted to become an exclusive couple. He still says I stole his thunder because I asked him two seconds before he could ask me. Haha!


I can't believe, at 17, I met the man I would marry and have children with. We were babies! These past ten years have seriously flown by so quickly. I remember the butterflies in my stomach during our first date, our first kiss, and when I knew I loved him. Each year has gotten better. We went from teens in love, to moving out on our own together, to home-ownership, marriage, and having a beautiful baby. I truly grew up by his side, and because of him I have the best life. His love and encouragement got me through college, childbirth, and every other day in between. Every amazing memory I carry in my heart is associated with him. He's my rock. As corny as it sounds, I wouldn't be ME without him.

Here's to ten more! And ten more! And a whole lifetime together. I love you so much, Michael <3

This Year!














Monday, June 23, 2014

Quick note

Today friend shared this quote with me: "the more you love your decisions, the less you need others to." And I've been sitting here thinking about it nonstop. I am proud of my decisions, and I think that's why I am usually so open about my life; why I share so much and why I don't really have shame about opening my life to a blog. And while all this is true, I don't want to fill up this space with venting and random rambles that might get deleted later.

I mentioned a while ago that I have another blog that's less about pictures and fun adventures, and more about my rambles and more of a place for me to vent. I've been updating over there quite a bit because it's not advertised anywhere (like via my instrgram, twitter, or facebook). So while it seems like this blog is being neglected, it's just that I've been typing away over there :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

100th Blog Post!

My poor little lady is sick right now and all she wants to do is sleep, nurse, and cuddle. No time to write a cool 100th post, so I decided to make a [Life According to...] blog entry. I love sharing pics, so it makes a great 100th post. 


Friday, June 13, 2014

Rambles about future baby

Tonight Michael and I collected all of the "baby" stuff from our garage and moved it up to the nursery. We need the space in the garage for a project we're working on, and we wanted to get the baby stuff organized before I get pregnant again. It was super weird to go through those boxes and see everything. I still think of Mish as my little baby, but looking at that stuff made me realize how much she's grown. My little baby bean is a kid! Waaah!
Of course I type that and she crawls over to start nursing. Ha. Yeah, my 2 year old is still nursing. Anytime I mention stopping, she has a little freakout. Aye yi yi.

I wonder how Mish will react to a new baby. I really need to introduce her to a small baby to see how she interacts with it. I can't imagine life where Mish isn't the sole center of my universe. She's so used to being the center of our attention; I don't want her to feel like she's not loved or important if we bring another baby into the mix.
Maybe this is something all parents think about and I'll laugh about it later, but it's something that has me so scared. I always want Mish to feel loved, important, heard, and seen. She's so important to us, and I always want her to feel that way.

Michelle's Birthday Elmo Party!

Michelle's party was on the 7th and she had so much fun! She wore the rag skirt I made, along with her elmo shoe bows and a cute ruffle shirt. She wore it for about 30-40 minutes before all the kids changed into their bathing suits and ran through the sprinkers ;-)

^^ What on earth is this face?! Hahaha! Mish has been making this face lately when I ask her to smile for the camera. So funny!
The bows up close :)

We filled up the tugboat with sand and the kids had a blast! Totally worth finding sand all over the house the next day.

When we sang with Happy Birthday song Mish sang along, cheered, and blew out the candle! It was so cute, and so funny. I'm glad she didn't cry or hide!

Some of MY friends came to the party! It was so nice to catch up with them <3

My friend Jessica made the cookies and they were to die for! So good!!!

My ghetto elmo cupcakes ;-) The party theme was Elmo, but all of the colors were pink and white. They weren't the prettiest, but the kids and adults seemed to like them!

A banner I made. Says "Hooray Michelle!"

My little family <3

When everyone left Michelle was pretty bummed. But I was secretly happy because it meant I could eat the last hidden elmo cookie from my secret hiding place! Mmm. Did I mention these cookies were AMAZING!?

Michelle had SO much fun, and we were so thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate with us. <3